Samuel Farthing is a 15 year-old jazz swing guitarist inspired by the legendary French Manouche Guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Samuel lives in a Maryland suburb within the Baltimore/Washington corridor.  He started playing guitar at age 10 and stumbled into gypsy jazz at age 13.  Since then it has been his passion and inspiration.  Sam’s talent far exceeds his number of years playing.  He is considered one of the finest young up-and-coming gypsy jazz guitarists in the world.

Samuel recently performed at the Charm City Django Jazz Festival in Baltimore with the Django Legacy Band

Stochelo Rosenberg Quartet feat. Christiaan van Hemert
Since 2005, Stochelo Rosenberg (guitar) and Christiaan van Hemert (violin) have been regular collaborators on many projects: from recording dates and concert tours to
teaching workshops all over Europe and the United States. In 2011 they started a very successful on-line gypsy jazz academy which can be found at
Both Stochelo and Christiaan share a deep love for the early recordings of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli and they enjoy recreating some of the original arrangements
of the Hot Club de France.
Stochelo Rosenberg
Born in a Dutch Sinti Gypsy camp, Stochelo started playing guitar at age 10. His teachers were his father, his uncle and the records of Django Reinhardt. When he was
12, he and his band won first prize in a Dutch national children’s TV-contest and never looked back. Today, he is a world renowned ambassador for gypsy jazz and one of the
most popular, in-demand guitarists in the world. He won countless awards, played and recorded with the biggest names across many styles and was a special guest of
Grappelli himself in the Carnegie Hall in New York.
Christiaan van Hemert

Christiaan is one of the premier violinists in the current gypsy jazz scene and often performs as a guest of the Rosenberg Trio and alongside Stochelo Rosenberg in different groups.  He has played with countless

high profile gypsy jazz artists among which are Mozes Rosenberg, Paulus Schafer, Joscho Stefan, Fapy Lafertin, Tchavolo Schmitt, Roby Lakatos, Remi Harris, Gary Potter and many others.  Besides his activities
as a performer he is well known as an educator, teaching at the Rotterdam University of the Arts and in a host of educational videos online. He often hosts workshops worldwide both on violin and guitar and is an expert
in the so called ‘Dutch Style’ of gypsy jazz.
Lead Guitar – Stochelo Rosenberg
Violin – Christiaan van Hemert
Rhythm Guitar – Victor Horky
Double Bass –  Matheus Nicolaiewsky
E Sarah Carter
E Sarah Carter was solo fiddle player on world tours with Michael Flatley’s
“Lord of the Dance” and the hit show “Spirit of the Dance” for 6 years.
In 1999 Sarah took to the stage as soloist for the smash hit show “Spirit of the
Dance”, playing major stadiums and theatres in USA, Canada, Europe,
Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, India and Morocco. She was resident
with “Spirit of the Dance” at The Bobby Vinton Theatre in Branson Missouri
USA; The Eldorado Theatre in Reno Nevada, USA; The Grand Palace Theatre
in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA and The Monte Carlo Casino Theatre in
Sarah then took to the road with “Lord of the Dance”, performing on
stage to packed stadiums and theatres in major US and Canadian cities.
One of her personal highlights was performing at the famous
Acropolis Amphitheatre in Athens. After a performance of “Lord of the
Dance” in Oxford, performing with Orla Harrington, one reviewer wrote,
“Now do these two ladies rock or what? If you’re not moving by the time
they have finished playing, you probably ought to get yourself checked
The Birth of Celtic Manouche.
Sarah’s aunt and uncle have had a cottage in Glencolumbkille for 40 years and during regular visits she learned Donegal style fiddle, learning many great tunes from Martin McGinley.
As she was on tour she started collecting airmiles and decided to use them to pay for flights to further her studies in Gypsy Jazz and Celtic fiddle. She met Samy Daussat and during a late night gyspy jazz session she played Samy some Donegal tunes. Samy was instantly taken by them and they began developing the idea of combining the Donegal repertoire with Gypsy Rhythms.
The Donegal tunes were passed by ear from Martin in Donegal, to Sarah in England to Samy in The Netherlands and finally to Claude in Paris.
We are very excited to bring all the members of this great “aural line” who passed the tunes from Roarties in Glencolumbkille to the centre of Paris together in one band.
Donegal tunes with a twist of Manouche and the indelible thumb print of Django Rheindhart!
Samy Daussat, based out of Paris, has made a name for himself by accompanying many of the greats such as Tchavolo Schmitt and Raphaël Faÿs. One of the stars of the Jazz manouche scene in Paris, Samy recently has also released his own solo albums with Label Ouest. Recently he worked with the label to remaster all of the official Hot club recordings and re-release them internationally. He is currently playing all over Europe and organizing the first gypsy jazz festival in Paris, the Paris Django festival, along with Brad Brose.
Brad Brose, from Los Angeles but now living in Paris, plays in all of the gypsy jazz clubs in the heart of the style. He has toured with musicians such as Stochelo Rosenberg throughout Europe and the US. He gives masterclasses in American festivals such as Django in June or Djangofest Mill Valley and in La chope des Puces. He is often on tour with his group Cat-A-Strophe! or in German group Premier Swingtett. This year he is also organizing the Paris Django Festival along with Samy Daussa

Swingtet was formed in April 2009 in Jihlava, Czech Republic.  Our repertoire is inspired by the legendary Belgian guitarist Django Reinhardt.  It includes not only his most famous compositions, but also countless jazz standards and new modern compositions by the genre’s followers.

The aim of the band is to bring as much as possible to our performances with high instrumental quality to this very unknown and very original music even among Czech listeners …

Since 2010, the band has been performing mainly at festivals, concerts, corporate events, dancing clubs, but also with various guest artists.

From 2016 – Swingtet is playing in a totally new lineup and performs as follows:

Tomáš Honsa – solo guitar

Vojtech Emmer – rhythm guitar

Roland Hamaj – double bass

Vojtech Szabo – Accordion

The Romain Vuillemin Quartet features :
– Guillaume Singer on violin (has worked with Selmer 607, and a lot with Adrien Moignard, Seb Giniaux, and also the gypsy school from East of France since he is from Mulhouse, so he also plays a lot with Yorguy Loeffler)
– Stephan Nguyen on rhythm guitar (plays also lead, and was a student of Serge Krief in Paris, he likes Django and the old school tchavolo stuff)
– Edouard Pennes on doublebass (great guitar player from RP Quartet who now plays also doublebass in the gypsy swing style, since he knows exactly how it’s supposed to be done on guitar and on bass)
– Romain Vuillemin on solo guitar and singing (who specialized in Gypsy Jazz rhythm, working with Ritary Gaguenetti, Dennis Chang, Adrien Moignard, Stochelo Rosenberg etc. Then became soloist, focusing on a mix between Django and Tchavolo Schmitt. He now works on the swing scene with Umlaut Big Band, and Collectif Paris Swing)
The band was born in 2011 in Paris, and played all the famous jazz and gypsy clubs of the capital (Atelier Charonne, la taverne de cluny, le Sunset, les Petits Joueurs etc), as well as abroad (The Quecum Bar in London, Harlem Jazz club in Barcelona etc) and festivals such as the Hildesheim international Sinti festival, Jazz en Touraine, Django Festival in Liberchies, Django Reinhardt festival de Fontainebleau (ex Samois sur Seine).
The Quartet released the album « Swinging in Paris » in 2015, which really focuses a lot on Django (mainly the late 30s period) rather than gypsy jazz in general. Guillaume plays really Grappelli Style and Romain Vuillemin tries his best to be in a Django mood. Here is a piece from the album, my own arrangement of “I love you”